16ft Cute Retractable Dog Leash

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Product: Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash Automatic Extending Dog Cat Walking Leads Pet Accessories for Small-Medium Dogs 

Type: Dogs, Cats

Pattern: Solid

Type: Leashes

Season: All Seasons

Dog Harness Type: Basic Halter Harnesses

Dog Leash Type: Retractable Leashes

Feature: Retractable, Breakaway, Quick Release, Personalized

Material: Nylon and plastic

Lead Leash Length: approx. 5m/16ft

Applicable breeds: Small Medium Pets

Dog Supplies: Goods for dogs

Dog Harness Type: None

Dog Traction Rope: Retractable Dog Leash

Collar Type: None



Material: Nylon and plastic

Length: approx. 5m/16ft

Product size: approx. 16 x 10 x 5cm/6.29 x 3.93 x 1.96'' 

5 styles available: Butterfly, Flower, Paws, Floral, Owl



You should always be mindful of your pup (he’s certainly mindful of you), but one of the most common problems with using a regular retractable leash is the danger that comes from unexpected situations. A dog can suddenly lunge into traffic, towards another pet, or at a child with an oh-so-delicious ice-cream cone. If you're distracted for even a second, you may not be able to act quickly enough with a normal retractable leash with a manual thumb-brake. This puts an end to those risks, allowing you to stop worrying and start enjoying the walk just as much as your dog. When life’s little distractions happen, This is your safety net. It automatically stops your dog at a safe length YOU set with just the turn of a dial.



STRONG: This is lightweight and compact, but it's also durable and strong.

THE RIGHT RANGE AT THE RIGHT TIME, EVERY TIME: Auto-brakes at the safe maximum length YOU set (from 0 to 16ft.) with just the turn of a dial. Have all the benefits of a retractable leash (more freedom, more exercise, fewer tangles), minus the dangers!

FREEDOM AND SAFETY IN ONE: When life’s little distractions happen, This is your safety net. Have all the freedom of a retractable leash, but always within a safe range that you decide. Dial-A-Distance extends out and retracts in as your dog moves around, but when your dog reaches max range, keeps your dog safe. For additional safety, uses a strong tape leash instead of a cord.

SET ANY MAX RANGE FROM 0 TO 16 FEET: On a crowded sidewalk? Maybe try a max of 2 feet. On a more open trail? Try 7 or 8 feet. In a wide-open park? Let your dog enjoy the full 16-foot range. It can always be the perfect safe length for where you are now. Also includes a standard manual thumb break for when you want to stop your dog short of the maximum range.

EASY TO USE: Easily adjusts from 0-16ft allowing you to give your dog the freedom to roam or keep them close! Ideal for any situation. Works with any collar or harness.



For any types of dog, this Retractable leash works for powerful medium-sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom while under your control.

Equipped with a distinctive anti-slip rubberized handle that is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand.

1-Touch Locking and Un-Locking System - Simply push a button to allow the leash to extend to the desired distance, then push again to lock in place.

Walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, release and recoiling system, which allows the dog leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease.

Retractable Dog Leash nylon tape extends up to 16 ft, strong and durable, made for daily use, with a strong spring for smoothly retracting dog leash.

Durable ABS plastic casing with ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle fits in your hand like a glove.

product badges

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