Anti-lost Backpack Toddler Leash


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  • Backpack Safety Harness Child leash

    A backpack harness works much the way as the standard harness. The only difference is that this harness resembles a backpack.

    Attached to the front of the backpack straps are clips that lock your child into the harness. One safety leash is tethered to the back of the backpack while the other end is held in your hand.

    Because it looks similar to a regular backpack, many parents find getting their child to wear their harness a much easier task. Many backpack harnesses feature kid-friendly designs (like a puppy, sheep or lion); which helps make these harnesses irresistible to young toddlers and babies.

    Oh, and one added bonus of backpack harnesses:

    Ordinarily, if you ask your toddler to hold your stuff (phone, wallet, keys) it is GUARANTEED to end up all over the floor. With a backpack harness, you can actually get your toddler to carry goodies. Whether it is your house keys or your toddler's favorite toy.

product badges

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