Baby Car Seat Head Support

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  • Babies have completely different needs than adults, and that extends to the type of pillow they sleep on. A baby's brain goes through rapid development within the first year of life, but they need proper support while they sleep to ensure that growth happens. Baby pillows are designed to facilitate blood circulation in the brain, as well as protect an infant's fragile neck, which also develops significantly in a child's first year of life.

    Newborn babies actually have no control over their neck muscles and do not know how to lift their head onto a pillow. For this reason, baby pillows aren't the types of pillows grownups are used to, which are usually just for one's head. Instead, baby pillows are full body pillows that can support a baby from head to toe. Baby pillows are also important for tummy time, which refers to a baby lying on their stomach rather than their back. Tummy time can prevent a baby's soft head from becoming flat from too much back-sleeping. Baby pillows are extra thick and plush because, during tummy time, a baby might place their entire body weight on their delicate knees when they begin to crawl.

    New parents might wonder why a simple large, fluffy pillow won't suffice for a baby. This is because baby pillows are specially designed to be contoured or have raised edges, which keep a baby from rolling off. A baby's spine is also still transforming into the proper curved shape that adults have. The contour in baby beds naturally helps a baby develop a proper spinal curve. A normal, flat pillow can put a baby at risk of flat spots on their spine.

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