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  • Things Are About To Get Snuggly: Our Guide To Stroller Footmuffs

    Whether you’re a fan of winter or not, at some point, you’re going to have to take your new baby outside, if only so you can stretch your legs a little (and maybe show off your cool new stroller). And a little fresh air might be good for kids: the Swedes, for instance, believe that fresh, cold air is perfect for naptime and beneficial to baby’s health. So you’ll need some practical winter baby gear – and it can’t hurt if it’s stylish, too.

    We prefer stroller footmuffs over snowsuits or blankets for a few reasons:

    ✅ Babies often dislike being stuffed into clothing with sleeves, so getting a baby into a snowsuit can be a trial.

    ✅Kids outgrow their clothing at a terrific speed, so you may find that you use that adorable snowsuit only a few times.

    ✅ You can’t put your baby in his car seat with puffy clothing on since it interferes with the function of the harness.

    With a stroller footmuff, it’s quicker and easier to get your child bundled up, you can use it for longer (some of these last up through four years of age!), and you can just pop your kiddo straight from the stroller into the car seat without removing bulky layers for safety.

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