Collapsible Tote Laundry Bag with Handle


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  • Let’s face it – who really likes doing laundry? Between the sorting, washing, drying, hanging, folding, and putting clothes away, it can be a total drag. Thankfully, laundry hampers can help make doing laundry a little more enjoyable. Unlike laundry baskets, laundry hampers are a little easier on the eyes as they are taller, more narrow, and often have a lid. Many also come with multiple sides by side compartments, so you can sort the dirty laundry way before it has to go in the wash. This will help save you time when you’re doing laundry, leaving you more time to do other, much more exciting things. Some laundry hampers are also just as portable as laundry baskets, so you have the benefit of something that looks really nice that is also practical.

    When looking for a laundry hamper, think about what is most important for you and your family’s needs. If you have a lot of laundries, you may want an oversized laundry hamper or something that has multiple compartments for sorting. If you need something that’s portable, keep an eye out for a lightweight hamper with handles. If your laundry hamper is going to be placed somewhere that everyone can see it, looks for something that has a nice decorative touch. There are also a number of laundry hampers that have breathable slats, which is ideal for bathrooms and wet towels.

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