Double Arc Flameless Lighter

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<!--Start tab labels--><ulclass="tabs"><li><aclass="active"href="#tab1">
                Shipping & Returns</a></li></ul><!--Start tab content--><ulclass="tabs-content"><liclass="active"id="tab1"style="display: block;"><div><h2><b>HOW DO PLASMA LIGHTERS WORK?</b></h2><p>A Plasma lighter is more efficient as compared to the older and traditional lighters that are fueled with butane. Plasma lighters do not produce a flame that can be blown out by the wind. It produces a plasma flame that is even hotter compared to fire.</p><p>Lighters are very handy. If you want to are a fan of the outdoors and you love to go camping, a lighter is a portable and lightweight tool you can always bring with you. It is even more efficient than lighting a match as you can often run out of matchsticks. Lighters can also come conveniently for lighting a cigarette, candles, a gas stove, or anything else you would need to light.</p><p><br></p><h3><b>BENEFITS OF PLASMA ARC USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTERS</b></h3><p>- They are butane free environment-friendly lighters</p><p>- Flameless emit no harmful gasses</p><p>- Cost-saving – no need to buy the refilling fuel or a new one in case if disposal lighter</p><p>- Windproof and most of these are also splashproof</p><p>- Durable mostly made of zinc alloy</p><p><br></p><h3><b>WHAT ARE THE SINGLE, DOUBLE AND TRIPLE ARCS LIGHTER? HOW MANY NUMBERS OF ARCS SHOULD I PREFER?</b></h3><p></p><p>How many numbers of plasma beams or arcs a lighter have? It's the most important thing to consider while buying any plasma lighter. There are single, double and triple arcs lighters are available. The single arc lighter contains a single beam of plasma between two electrodes and sufficient enough to light up candles or small cigarettes. The double arc lighter is most commonly used and is great for somewhat bigger things like cigar etc. While triple arc lighter is ideal for pipes etc.</p></div></li><liid="tab2"style="display: none;"class=""><div><p><b>Features:</b></p><p>1. Powered by a rechargeable battery. No Gas/Fuel Is Required.</p><p>2. It can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need to fill any fuel into it.</p><p>3. It does not create a flame, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.</p><p>4. Uses intense heat to light cigarettes.</p><p>5. Lights a cigarette in any weather.</p><p>6. It has a fashion outlook, that will make you be very attractive in the group</p><p>7. Only LESS THAN 2 hours per charge;</p><p>8. Using high-performance polymer aluminum battery, it can charge and discharge about 500 times</p></div></li><liid="tab3"style="display: none;"class="">


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