Double Layer Mesh Laundry Bags Set


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  • If you care about your fancy bras and underwear at all, you should be hand-washing them — or so the story goes. In reality, who has the time? I am a professional costume designer (shameless plug), paid to know how to take care of clothes — but even I toss my bras and underwear directly into the washing machine. While it’s not ideal, it’s also not as bad as you think — because I do take the time to pack them in a nifty zip-top, mesh lingerie bag first. I always knew those mesh washing bags (called “lingerie bags” because they’re used to launder sexy undergarments) were a good idea, but never used them religiously until there was an episode with a pair of tights and my washing machine that was so bad, scissors and a repairman had to get involved.

product badges

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