Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

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  • The smokers and back garden barbecue chefs among us are well acquainted with that pesky moment when the wind is so strong that it keeps blowing out the flame on a lighter. Worse, there’s the situation where the gas runs out and no amount of trying produces a flame. These inconveniences are now a thing of the past that we can now safely move to the back of our minds thanks to another marvel of modern technology, the plasma lighter.



    The idea of the plasma lighter is to provide a reliable heat source that can handle the unpredictability of weather and other environmental factors such as humidity. With no open flame or spark, a plasma lighter can produce a sustained amount of heat that often surpasses that created by a traditional lighter.

    There is also the argument that the plasma is far more efficient in the sense that it’s a one of purchase should last for years rather than a couple of weeks, or less, of lifespan associated with disposable lighters. In theory, this creates less stress on limited deposits of natural gas and less waste in terms of plastic casings.

    Plasma lighters are also considered safer given the absence of a flammable component, completely removing the risk of fires, leaks and even, the more common that you would expect, in-pocket explosions. Furthermore, unlike traditional lighters, they never get too hot due to the absence of a naked flame. Certain models are even approved for air travel because of how safe they are.

product badges

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