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  • Dog Collar: All The Reasons Your Dog Should Wear One

    Let’s talk about dog collar. Have you ever had something you did come back and bite you in the neck? You’re probably saying that’s normal right? Karma and such.

    What of having something good you did turn around and bring terrible results?

    One of those ‘good things’ you might have done is get your dog a dog pet collar. A dog collar is absolutely necessary. You really can’t do without it.

    However, buying a collar can come back to bite you in the neck (or your dog in this case) if you buy the wrong kind. There are so many dog collars in the market that it is quite easy to pick the wrong kind.

    You have to be careful when picking a collar for your dog because some of those collars are just punishment chains. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s show you what a dog collar is usually used for (we know you know but please humor us)…

    What exactly is A Dog Collar?

    A dog collar is that thing you place around your dog’s neck for a myriad of reasons. This should not be confused for a dog harness which is fastened around the dog’s body. A leash is usually attached to the collar and used to direct the dog or be directed by the dog, whatever the case may be.

    A dog pet collar could either be made of nylon or leather. Although there are some other less popular materials a dog pet collar can be made from including polyester and metal.

    Does My Dog Need A Dog Collar?

    You answered it, yes. As we’ve said before a dog pet collar is absolutely necessary. A dog collar is majorly used for control. It is where the leash is attached when you want to take your dog out on a walk or something.

    You can also attach a dog tag to his collar (you should actually) for identification's sake. You know how dogs like to wander. Attaching a tag to his collar (with his name and your address on it of course) ensures that wherever he goes, someone can always help him find his way home.

    Collars can also be used for medical purposes. Some of them are used to repel fleas while others prevent the dog from inflicting more harm on himself.

    Another important thing that collars are used for is training. Collars used for training are usually left on only as long as the training lasts. However, whether a collar will be used while training or not depends on the kind of training the dog has to undergo.

    Unfortunately, there are some collars used for punishment and ‘correction’. These collars apply force and inflict pain and discomfort on the dog in order to make his mind. This shouldn’t be thought about. There are positive ways of making even the most seemingly ’difficult’ dogs mind.

    Now that we have discussed what a dog collar is used for, let’s look at the different dog collars available so you know which one to go for. Ready? Let’s go!

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