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  • Why Should My Dog Wear a Collar and Tag?

    Providing identification for your pet

    Placing identification on our pets is a basic task for a pet guardian, yet so many well-loved pets become lost without a collar and an identification tag to bring them safely home.

    Collars—with identification–are your pets’ fastest ticket back to you should they become lost.

    After the all-important collar, the ID tag is a fundamental necessity for any dog or cat. Aside from vet-implanted microchips, pet tags may provide the only information available to someone who finds your lost animal. Without them, your dog or cat could be taken to a shelter, where the recovery rate is fairly low. There are non-pet people out there that don’t know to take your dog somewhere and have them scanned. Your only problem is going to be choosing just one!


    Collars and tags

    A collar and identification tag is the simplest and most economical way to make sure your lost pet finds a way back to you. Still, many pet parents delay or resist adding identification to their pets. We can help you with some of the most common concerns.


    Do it for your pet’s safety

    Research shows that ID tags play an important role in bringing dogs home. Just as we carry identification in our wallets to help us navigate our human lives, our pets deserve the same safeguard.

    Your homework today: Check your pet! Does your pet have a collar and is it safely fitted? Is he or she carrying his own identification to bring them safely home?


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