Leather Passport Wallet


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  • When you think of essentials before leaving the house, it usually goes, in interchangeable order: wallet, phone, keys. It’s safe to say that owning a reliable wallet, even in a world where cash is being used less and less, is a must. Even more important than the phone attached to your person at all times is the wallet that holds your MVP valuables. For us, easy access to our work ID and MetroCard is crucial. That's why we take the search for the perfect wallet(s) seriously. That's plural because we're a firm believer everyone needs both a cardholder and a decent-sized wallet with multiple slots. Depending on the day, it's nice to downsize and carry just two cards around...instead of that plus a coffee shop punch card and 15 CVS receipts. But finding the perfect wallet isn’t always so cut-and-dry. While you can opt for an expensive, designer wallet, there are plenty of high-quality, inexpensive wallets available on the internet. It just takes a little digging. Luckily, our wallets that fulfill both of those needs, in options both minimalist and flashy.

product badges

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