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  • Get the Best Air Mouse Remote for Smart TV and Android TV Boxes

    What is an Air Mouse Remote?

    An air mouse is a type of remote for Android TV boxes and HTPCs that allow you to control your mouse cursor by waving the remote around like a Nintendo Wii remote. This makes it much easier to control your media player, particularly when using apps not designed for remote controls such as web browsers. Being able to use gestures to click like you would on a touchscreen makes it much faster to navigate your streaming media player.


    Why You Need an Air Mouse

    There are really so many reasons to invest in an air mouse:

    Simpler Control:Air mice allow you to easily control your Android TV box or HTPC using intuitive gestures for a far more pleasant experience. No more fiddling around with an IR remote – just click on what you want

    Compact All-in-One Design: A good air mouse can easily replace a bulky keyboard and mouse combo which can be kept nearby like any other remote

    Faster Text Entry: Most air mice have integrated keyboards. This makes web browsing, searching Kodi and more so much easier than remote-based input.

    Improved Range:IR remotes are good but have limits in terms of range and needing line of sight to your media player. An air mouse uses either 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth to control your Android TV box or HTPC from a greater distance.

    Whether you’ve got a Nvidia Shield, a Windows-based HTPC or an Android TV box, if you want the best remote control experience, investing in an air mouse is worth every penny.

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