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  • Reasons Water Fountains Are Good for Cats?

    Cats don't like drinking out of still, stagnant water sources. Cats prefer running water, and this is why some of them will tap the water in their bowl with their paw before drinking it.

    In the above case, a water fountain can encourage your cat to drink more. It might be a great solution for your home!



    It's no secret that many cats prefer running water for drinking. Automatic water dispensers are a must for cats whose owners work long hours, to ensure fresh water at all times.

    Cat water fountains are indispensable pet accessories to meet the hydration requirements of domesticated felines. These are specially designed gadgets that provide a continuous stream of fresh and clean drinking water to ensure optimum health for pets. This is important since felines are known to have very low, if not negligible, thirst drive that is supposed to help them feel and acknowledge the presence of thirst. By making the movement of liquid more enticing, arousing the curiosity of cats, they are able to improve their hydration.

    Unfortunately, it's not easy identifying which among the multitude of products is the best cat water fountain. Many come with striking similarities that distinguishing one from the others is difficult. Not to worry, though as we took the liberty of scouring the market for the best water fountain for your pets.



    The pet food mat not included! If you need it, please click.

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