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  • Fire is ancient, but a safe and reliable means of creating it are relatively modern. The newest ways to ignite incense, barbecues, and smokables, these high-tech lighters bring fuel-free ignition to your fingertips, powered by USB-rechargeable batteries that will never need replacing. Just make sure to select the plasma or coil configuration that best fits your intended usage.



    A plasma lighter produces a high voltage between at least two electrodes creating an electric arc between them. The air between them is ionized making it much hotter than a flame. They do not require harsh chemicals or gas. The benefit of a plasma lighter is that you never have to worry about the wind blowing out your flame. Plasma lighters are windproof and water-resistant in small amounts. These lighters are the most convenient as they never have to be refilled with fuel. Plasma lighters can be charged by using a USB cord from your computer or electrical outlet.

    Another plus side to plasma lighters is that they are cool to the touch. Regular lighters get very hot when they are lit for just a few seconds. Since there is no combustible fuel, they have been cleared by the TSA and are safe for bringing on an airplane. Not every plasma lighter is the same, but there are some common features and specifications. Currently, plasma lighters have either single or double arcs. Lighters with single arcs produce one bolt of plasma, while a double arc produces two. Single arc lighters are used to light candles or cigarettes. Double arc lighters are best used to light large items or cigars. Plasma lighters are rechargeable and can hold around 100 to 300 lights worth of charges. Electric lighters look similar to a flip top lighter. The following is a top ten best plasma lighter list, of which each lighter would work great for camping, hiking, smoking or as a gift:

product badges

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