Hidden Safe Secret Book with Key Lock

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  • Best Diversion Safes That Criminals Will Never Discover!

    Some of the safes simply close while more expensive models have combination locks that provide extra security for your belongings.

    Such safes are perfect for house, office, car, and during travels. No one will ever believe that you are carrying a handgun, cash, credit cards, jewelry, a few pairs of keys in the book.

    This is definitely a great purchase if you are looking for a “plain sight” box. Concealing objects in a book is smart because thieves usually look through cupboards, cabinets, and other popular places where we all used to keep our valuables.

    Even if a really clever burglar decides to check your books hoping to find notes, he will unlikely get what he wants.

    A fake book storage box with a regular design such as the Bible or a cookbook will not interest someone who wants to steal money, credit cards, and expensive jewelry.

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