Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Incense Sticks Holder

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  • When fall rolls around, there are few things we love more than lighting up a scented candle and taking the night off to read a book or take a bath. Although the habit is entirely relaxing, it's not necessarily economical. While going through an endless supply of designer candles each winter can burn a hole in your wallet, there is another alternative we enjoy just as much: incense.

    Hear us out: If the thought of incense reminds you of a streetside psychic parlor or a trippy crystal shop, you're not alone. But a chic crop of cool incense burners on the market is indicating that the practice may be more widespread than we thought. The Japanese even have their own word for the art of appreciating incense: kōdō. And while some of these incense holders are not exactly on the cheap side themselves, the incense sticks, coils, and cones are much more affordable than a designer candle (and easier than sage smudging your house). So pick up one of these cool incense burners a new habit by the same token. These holders are the cool girl–approved.



    Incense is an aromatic substance that releases fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is used for aesthetic, religious, spiritual, meditation and cultural reasons.

    From Temples and Churches to Homes incense is burnt all around the world. It is not only used for religious purposes but also because of its spiritual aspect and pleasant smell.

    There are a lot of religions that actually used incense to wake the spiritual senses and so far Buddhism, Taoism, and some Hinduism practices used it as well.


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