USB Electric Arc Plasma Lighter

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  • Plasma lighters are butane-free, USB-powered, electronic lighters. With a quick click, it generates either a single or double arc plasma flame that's hotter than fire. They work by generating a tiny electrical arc between a pair of ceramic electrodes. This small arc is hotter than a traditional open flame.

    If you have learned how to properly light a cigar, you may start looking for the best one that suits your needs. With so many varieties of lighters on the markets, you might be after something in particular.

    If so, then you’ll have probably realized that some lighters are best suited to certain environments more than others. For instance, you could choose from heavy table top lighters to small and sleek portable affairs.

    It’s also true that lighters can vary in both quality and price tag. Therefore, you may be reluctant to pay a lot for something that might not be worth it. Likewise, you might be after a deal but don’t want something that breaks within weeks.

    Fortunately, our torch lighter to the best cigar lighters offers a range of options according to both budget and requirement!

product badges

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