USB Plasma Lighter

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  • How do Plasma Lighters Work?

    The windproof plasma lighters are the revolutionary product that comes really handy in a windy situation where typical flame lighters don't work. Instead the flame they ignite one or two plasma arcs between electrodes with a single button press. They work in every weather conditions so a great innovative device for camping. Moreover, they are butane free and flameless hence considered friendlier.


    What is a plasma lighter?

    A plasma lighter known by various names such as electric arc lighter or electric lighter. By just pressing a button small plasma beams show up which are hotter than a typical lighter flame and ready to ignite what you want to.

    Beside the windproof advantage another convenient part of them that you don’t have to refill with instead you can just recharge them. Almost every plasma lighter can be recharged using a USB cable where one end connect to the lighter while the other to any computer or perhaps the mobile adapter.

    Furthermore, these butane free lighters are environment-friendly and approved by TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

    Benefits of plasma arc USB rechargeable lighters

    They are butane free environment-friendly lighters

    Flameless emit no harmful gasses

    Cost saving – no need to buy the refilling fuel or a new one in case if disposal lighter

    Windproof and most of these are also splashproof

    Durable mostly made of zinc alloy


    What are the single, double and triple arcs lighter? How many numbers of arcs should I prefer?

    How many numbers of plasma beams or arcs a lighter have? It's the most important thing to consider while buying any plasma lighter. There are single, double and triple arcs lighters are available. The single arc lighter contains a single beam of plasma between two electrodes and sufficient enough to light up candles or small cigarettes. The double arc lighter are most commonly used and are great for somewhat bigger things like cigar etc. While triple arc lighter is ideal for pipes etc.

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